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CityVets have invested in state-of-the-art DR Digital X-ray machines and High-Definition ultrasounds (including one capable of imaging in 3D) that are of the very highest specification.

We have a suite of High-Definition Olympus video endoscopic and laparoscopic equipment, providing us with detailed imagery of the inside of the respiratory, gastro-intestinal, abdominal and thoracic cavities and the urinary tract. We are also in the process of installing one of the fastest and most sophisticated CT scanners in the Southwest. This investment in equipment ensures that we are capable of getting the best images possible for diagnostic and treatment purposes.

In addition, when necessary, we use a company called Vet CT Specialists ( who provide a network of International diagnostic image interpretation specialists to interpret images from difficult cases – in short, we have the best diagnostic equipment and if needed the best image readers and interpreters available in the world.

  • Alphington | 12 Lovelace Gardens,
    Exeter, Devon,
    EX2 8XQ
    | T: 01392 493999 |
  • Heavitree | Rosary House,
    27 Fore Street,
    Heavitree, Exeter,
    EX1 2QJ
    | T: 01392 250066 |
  • St Thomas | 101 Buddle Lane,
    St Thomas,
    Exeter, Devon,
    EX4 1QS
    | T: 01392 250000 |
  • Whipton | 46 Whipton Village Road,
    EX4 8AW
    | T: 01392 465553 |