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City Vets Heavitree in Exeter has achieved a coveted wildlife award in its drive to create a friendly space for humans and animals.

Devon Wildlife Trust has recognised City Vets' wildlife garden due to its welcoming environment for animals. 

city vets heavitree received award from devon wildlife trust

The garden project was started a year ago by registered veterinary nurse Marianne Segev and veterinary surgeon Fay Dimaline, with donations and support from colleagues. 

Fay helped Marianne build the garden on her day off and collected a lot of plants along with donations from other staff members gardens.

Their aim was to create an area where staff and clients can relax with good biodiversity to encourage birds and other wildlife to the area. 

Such has been its success that just 12 months later, it has won the wildlife gardening award from the Trust and can proudly display a plaque highlighting its achievement. 

To qualify, wildlife gardens have to provide opportunities for wildlife to get food, water and shelter. 

The garden must have at least 10 features such as bird feeders, nectar rich flowers, insect or bug hotels, nesting boxes for birds and bats, and drought-resistant plants among other things. 

Marianne said: “Our wildlife garden has become a little oasis for humans and animals alike. 

“We’re also delighted to have been recognised by Devon Wildlife Trust and would encourage others to create their own wildlife garden if they can.”  

For more information on Devon Wildlife Trust, visit https://www.devonwildlifetrust.org/

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