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The firework season can be a stressful time of the year not only for cats and dogs but also for other companion animals such as rabbits. Prey species like rabbits tend to hide signs of stress and this makes it more difficult to notice when they are frightened. Some common signs of stress in rabbits are reluctance to move, overgrooming, and change in behaviour such as playing more with the water bottle or passing urine and faeces in unusual places. For all these reasons, it is important to prevent the stress caused by the fireworks using some simple tips.

Noise and light

Reduce the noise caused by fireworks. Move your pet to a more soundproofed room or shed and place the hutch away from any windows. Otherwise, cover the hutch with thick blankets that will make the noise more subtle. This will also prevent your pet from seeing the light produced by the fireworks and will give them a sense of protection. Provide plenty of hiding boxes where they can feel safer. Switch the television or the radio on in order to cover the noise. If your pet is used to a specific noise such as that of a hoover or a washing machine, you can switch them on instead.

Natural remedies

It is often difficult to completely reduce the anxiety in rabbits but there are some natural products available that will help to control this better. For example, you could use chamomile herbs. Chamomile is a natural anti-anxiety herb that can be given alongside their normal diet. If your pet is not used to it, introduce it to the diet gradually a few days before the fireworks. Other available natural remedies are Pet Remedy ® for all mammals, available at all branches of CityVets.

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