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Recent scientific research has found that some topical flea treatments (applied most commonly to dogs) are contaminating rivers, lakes and ponds across England.

The discovery is extremely concerning for water insects, fish and birds that depend on them. CityVets are passionate about looking after the environment, as well as providing outstanding care for your pets.Fipronil was found to be the main contaminant. CityVets do not use Fipronil flea products. We promote the use of oral products that avoid the wash off effect from rain and swimming.If you currently use a topical flea treatment and your dog (and in rare cases cats) enjoy swimming or you bathe them regularly please request a flea TABLET alternative.

The effect of faecal contamination from oral products is unknown at present, so this makes it even more important to pick up after your dog and dispose of waste correctly – as all responsible dog owners do already. If you are currently registered on our Health Care Plan and use a topical product, we are more than happy to change the flea product provided in order to ensure that we do not contribute to the future risk of contamination.

We also provide a convenient delivery service for flea and worming treatment, selected medications and food.

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